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Nestled right in the center of the village of Grandes-Piles, home of the regional forest industry in the Mauricie region, this original replica of a typical logging camp is the most important of the province of Québec. It covers the period between 1850 and 1950, tracing back and perpetuating the life of these lumberjacks and raftsmen.

The museum encompasses twenty different buildings including the cookery, the men’s camp, the office, the wood measurer’s cabin, the outhouse, the tooling and sharpening shop, the food “cache’’, the fire tower with its cabin, the barge and many more…

  • It emphasizes the rugged conditions to which the Mauriciens lumberjacks and raftsmen were subjected to and recreates their living standards.

  • It displays last century’s working tools and forest equipment.

  • It sits alongside the magnificent St-Maurice River, standing guard to the region’s recent past.